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Much of the music on this site is free to download and use.  Those pieces that are marked for sale can be ordered as follows:  
  1. Make the payment using the button below - I will receive an email notice right away.
  2. Let me know the piece(s) you want, either by writing in the comments field on the Paypal page, or contacting me directly at (if there are multiple settings, be sure to specify which version you want).
  3. I will send you pdf files authorized for your use, usually within a day.  
  4. You may then print as many copies for singers and accompanists as required (but please do not distribute the pdf file, of course).

Music by Mark Mitchell
A NOTE for LDS Choir Directors: In the past some have thanked me for posting music for free because their ward doesn't have a music fund.  I've lived in many wards and never met a bishop yet who wasn't glad to give a functioning ward choir a little money each year to buy music (see 14.9.2 in the Red Handbook).  You just need to ask. Then all you need do is print off the receipt of your purchase for your ward clerk and get refunded. I can send you a receipt if that helps.

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